Competency Based Talent Acquisition & Retention

Competency Based Talent Acquisition & Retention

In this training, participants will learn a structured approach to ensure hiring effectiveness which includes: 1) A verified strategic competency framework for the job. Managers, supervisors, and expert workers must agree to the requisite competencies of the job and their alignment with the business direction of the organization, 2) An attractive compelling Employee Value Proposition. Clarify expectations but make your offer distinctive and inspirational, 3) A methodical recruitment strategy/process. Use the competency framework to set the selection criteria; use technological tools to reach talent widely and to streamline the recruitment process; conduct Behavioural interviews and incorporate Online assessment to evaluate candidate’s suitability in an integrated recruitment process; update recruitment database, and use key metrics to report outcomes, 4) A corps of professionally trained hiring managers, including line managers and data-analytics specialists who themselves have been trained in structured competency-based talent acquisition and who can use predictive analysis to determine new trends in talent recruitment. Talented people look for opportunities for development in special projects and flexibility in their jobs. HR Personnel will understand the five main drivers of retention: job design and workload balance; career development opportunities; compensation and benefits; organizational culture and internal relationships; and opportunities for leadership.

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