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IMTC is a multinational corporate training provider based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia and operates worldwide. Besides in-house training and executive coaching,

IMTC offers a wide range of online courses and face-to-face training programs throughout the year in 30 different cities around the world including Istanbul, Dubai, London and other cities.

At IMTC, we bring together people, cultures and ideas to improve careers and to transform organisations.

IMTC is considered the best training provider in Malaysia by many local and international organizations for which IMTC has been trusted to develop the skills of their employees for many years.

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Our innovative management system and unique approach to competency based employee training and learning management makes us stand tall among the best training providers in Malaysia and beyond.

We provide training opportunities to thousands of people worldwide. From soft skill management training to instructional technical training, we are proud to be the first choice for corporate training and employee learning and development to hundreds of organizations all over the planet.


Client Satisfaction93%
Repeat Clients90%
Recommended to Others87%
Employee Satisfaction91%


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To meet the current needs and demands of both individuals and organisations by offering a wide spectrum of relevant and pragmatic training programs that reflect the latest industry trends and emerging best practices.


To support organisations in unleashing the full potential of their staff by designing and delivering training programs that equip individuals with essential soft and technical skills, empowering them to reach the highest levels of success, achievement and professional fulfilment.


Our approach to training is based on 4 main pillars:

1- Responding rapidly to market needs by offering a wide range of practical, pragmatic and ‘real’ training programs along the year in 30 cities.

2- Hiring certified, experienced and highly educated trainers who are measured against strict criteria of competencies and behaviours, intellectual capacities and real life experiences.

3- Pairing academic knowledge with industry experience and constantly tracking the latest trends and emerging best practices to ensure that all learning materials are are up-to-date, relevant, and rich.

4- Thriving for continuous improvement and higher level of client satisfaction.

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