Who is IMTC?

IMTC is a multinational corporate training provider based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia and operates worldwide. Besides in-house training and executive coaching, IMTC offers a wide range of online courses and face-to-face training programs throughout the year in 30 different cities around the world including Istanbul, Dubai, London and other cities.

Where does IMTC deliver courses?

IMTC is based in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia and has branches in different cities. We deliver our training courses in the following cities:

Asia: Kuala Lumpur *HQ, Abu Dhabi, Bali, Bangkok, Dubai, Istanbul, Manila, Singapore.

Europe (EU): Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Florence, Geneva, Lisbon, Munich, Oslo, Prague, Rome, Santorini, Venice, Vienna, Zurich.

Europe (UK): Cambridge, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Oxford.

How to register in a course?

To register in any training course, please complete, sign, and seal the registration form (Link) and email it to [email protected] at least 30 calendar days prior to the course start date.

What is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline for any training course is 30 calendar days prior to the course start date.

What is the payment term?

A tax invoice will be emailed to you upon receipt of your registration form. Advance payment by bank transfer is required to confirm your registration.

Is the course claimable from HRDF / PSMB?

Yes. IMTC is a registered five-star training provider and all of our courses are claimable from HRDF under the SBL Scheme -subjected to the existing rate of financial assistance and terms and conditions.

Do I qualify for a discount?

Clients who repeatedly register participants in IMTC’s public courses will enjoy a special discount of 10% if a minimum of 15 candidates are registered in a year. This special discount will apply to the 16th registration onwards during the same year. Additionally, clients who register more than 1 participant to attend the same course session will enjoy UP TO 25% discount depending on the number of participants enrolled.

Can I cancel my registration free of charge?

You may cancel your registration for free if the registration request is received more than 30 calendar days prior to the course start date; however, as IMTC will have committed time, money and administrative resources to confirm the course and allocate seats, a cancellation fee amounting up to 75% of the invoice amount will be applied if a confirmed registration is cancelled 30 to 15 calendar days prior to the course commencement date. There will be no refund in case the registration is cancelled less than 15 calendar days prior to the course start date or in case of no-show.

Is my training course confirmed?

All of IMTC’s training courses are 100% confirmed; however, in view of any circumstances beyond the control of IMTC when a training course cannot be conducted -such as in situations where a natural disaster has occurred in or near the training venue- IMTC shall not be liable for non-delivery. In such instances, IMTC will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the course will be delivered thereafter.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?

The maximum number of participants allowed in any public training course is 15, and the minimum is only 1 participant.

What is the training methodology? / How is the training course delivered?

IMTC’s training delivery method consists of a combination of interactive activities along with formal delivery of the course content. This includes presentations by the trainer, practical individual and group exercises, role-plays, discussions, Q&A sessions, case studies, simulations, mini projects, visual aids, self-analysis questionnaires, individual action plans and other training instruments. The learning environment will be a supportive one in which the participant is encouraged to share ideas and the trainer/facilitator will be on hand to answer any questions the participant might have.

What is the course duration?

IMTC’s public training courses are delivered in 5 to 8 contact hours per training day. Courses typically start at 09:00 am and conclude between 02:00 and 05:00 pm.

Who is my trainer?

IMTC’s trainers and facilitators are certified, experienced and highly educated. They are measured against strict criteria of competencies and behaviours, intellectual capacities, and real-life experiences. You can request a copy of your trainer’s professional profile / resume upon registration.

Where is the training venue?

Venues of IMTC’s public courses are in the heart of the hosting cities and designed for lecture-style training. The training rooms are easily accessible and equipped with stationary, overhead projectors, flipcharts, and whiteboards. The high-quality indoor environment is promoted through quality acoustics, appropriate lighting, good sightline, comfortable chairs, thermal comfort, air conditioning and ventilation. Upon registration, you will receive the address of your training venue.

What is in-house training by IMTC?

IMTC’s in-house training courses are tailored to the requirements of your business, your organizational objectives and the specific needs of your employees and delivered in your premises, at your preferred time and within the allocated budget. It includes custom-made content, case studies and exercises, with your organizational needs as its core guideline.
Besides the increased convenience of training your employees at your workplace during the regular work hours, the in-house training option is very cost-effective as you don’t have to worry about paying for employees’ travel, accommodation and course registration fees individually or in small groups.
IMTC’s professional team of consultants and training experts will be happy to prepare a proposal to help you plan your next in-house training. Click here to request for a proposal.