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Live Online Training Programs

IMTC’s online training is a live virtual learning experience on a wide range of subjects offered by the leading training provider in Malaysia.

It allows participants to communicate, interact and engage directly with course facilitator and each other.

Our interactive online courses are designed for professionals and employees at all levels of expertise to carry on with their training and development plans from anywhere in the world.

The virtual training programs offered by IMTC training centre provides great convenience, save money, and ensure the safety of learners in this difficult time of COVID-19.

Level up your skills with our interactive online training courses.


Our Senior Trainers

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At a Glance

IMTC is a leading training centre in Malaysia, that has footprints in 30 different cities around the world. Recognized by HRDF, agency under the of the Ministry of Human Resources in Malaysia, as a five-star training provider in Malaysia.

IMTC offers a wide range of online training courses and short training courses in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Turkey, UAE,  Europe and South East Asia.

Being one of the top training companies in Malaysia with access to an unparalleled pool or academic and professional resources.
Our extensive list of Training Programs have been designed based on, comprehensive research of the market needs and requirements. while tracking the latest trends and emerging best practices to ensure that all learning materials are up-to-date, relevant, and rich. At IMTC training centre, we bring together people, cultures and ideas to improve careers and to transform organizations, making us a progressive, cutting-edge training company in Malaysia with a global outreach.

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