Advanced Career Development and Succession Planning

Advanced Career Development and Succession Planning

An Advanced Career Development Plan (ACDP) is a personalized strategy used to assist employees in identifying and achieving their short and long-term career goals. In this training course, HR Managers will learn approaches to start an ACDP for their organization, including: 1) Identification of employees who are ready for career advancement, 2) Setting a series of Career Development meetings with employees to help them clarify their career plans, 3) Personalizing each career development plan, 4) Practicing flexibility to anticipate career switches, and 5) Facilitating employees to create an actionable career advancement plan, and follow through. Employees must show initiative and be responsible for their own career development plans. Succession planning however is an organizational strategy for identifying and developing future leaders at all levels in the company. The selection often is taken from a large pool of talented workers who have high proficiency and remarkable leadership and energy skills that will bring improvement to the organization across a wide array of functions, departments, and hierarchy levels. Some of the approaches for managing Succession Planning that course participants will learn are: Identification of the paramount jobs in the company that would need to be filled immediately, Define the responsibilities, competencies and requirements for each job, Use the established criteria to assess candidates who has the prospect to develop into a leadership role, Establish a talent pool of workers who are likely to eventually fill key roles in the organization, and take steps to keep them motivated and engaged, Develop these employees through training and valuable work experience, and Develop a database of employees so important decisions about staffing can be made without delay when important positions open.

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