Progressive Strategies for Talent Management

Progressive Strategies for Talent Management

This course discusses progressive strategies of talent management, focusing on four pillars: • Digitized global talent pools • Career design and predictive succession • Development of workforce through gaming and simulations, and • Alignment of business and talent control systems and techniques. The characteristics of the four pillars are: 1) Digitized global talent pools in social networks facilitates smart sourcing of global talent and passive candidate pools, 2) Predictive Succession application can be automatically triggered by blending or cross-referencing digitized talent pools with internally identified positions. Career development planning too can be instantly customized based on candidates’ credentials, 3) Automated Performance Management. As more and more simulation and gaming are used for workforce development, performance management will soon come in the form of continuous feedback produced by business processes that monitor activities. Development systems will leverage this information to offer recommendations for advancement and/or corrective measures, 4) Business performance and talent management alignment. Tools that simulate business performance can automatically trigger an automatic talent gap and simultaneous search whenever a business performance indicator shows a continuous lapse. Since business systems are comprehensive, encompassing finance, market segmentation etc, talent gaps in multiple areas will be automatically identified and recommended from the digitized talent pool. Talent gaps are being identified in real time based on predictive analytics of trends in business performance. Progressive strategies in Talent Management will be more unified, holistic, evidence based, and with stronger predictive analysis in future. IN this course, HR professionals will discuss the implication of this evolving managerial capability on HR policies and on HR as a strategic business partner in the business.

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