Using Social Media to Evolve your HR Strategy

Using Social Media to Evolve your HR Strategy

Using Social Media to Evolve your HR Strategy:

In this course, HR professionals will learn how social media can be used to leverage HR strategic processes such as appointment, training and development, and to impact structural transformation.

In this training, HR professionals will also be aware of the issues in social media use that could affect the company’s reputation and integrity.

These issues include privacy, confidentiality, proper communication techniques, productivity and time management.

HR personnel will learn about policies to mitigate risk to both the employers’ safety and their integrity, and to discourage employee behaviors that could lead to a compromise of corporate information or position.

Among the advantages of leveraging Recruitment, training and development, and change management strategies through social media are: Reduction of time-to-hire as candidates fill on-line applications, Automatic capture of data and statistics into the company’s metrics system, Wider pool of candidates connected through internet, webpages, and network, Rapid search for talents by using filters to select criteria of search, Real time assessment of candidates credentials, Modern applications created for smartphones, tablets and other devices can allow recruiters to develop better online searches or exchange information quickly, Reduction of training cost as employees embark on self-directed employee development plans, Flexibility of learning and development platforms as people learn naturally with each other, and share resources, Social media can be harnessed to consolidate organizational culture or transform that culture through reciprocal communication and embedded video capsule in the corporate website, and Another social media tool—an expert directory—enhances the culture of giving recognition to talent within an organization.

Among the policy elements HR managers should consider to regulate issues arising from the use of social media in the organization are: A code of conduct for employee use of social networking environments for professional purposes, A code of conduct for staff members to use for personal purposes in social networking contexts during work, Notification to personnel that the company is mandated to monitor their use of social media at work, Guidelines for communications via social media and Guidelines for addressing feedback on social networking contexts.

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