Major Accounts Selling: Negotiating and Winning RFPs

Major Accounts Selling: Negotiating and Winning RFPs

To be successful in negotiating and winning RFPs, salespeople who aim for the big profits of major accounts must develop superior sales skills and possess a comprehensive knowledge of their customer’s business. By joining this course, you will become familiar with the fundamentals of negotiation and sales to key accounts using commercial strategy and account management. You will also learn a thorough process on how to assess the potential success of the RFP and use it to improve sales performance and grow more business opportunities. This course will also help you to make better decisions on which major clients and bid opportunities to pursue, and which you to avoid depending on your long-term plans. If you are looking for best practice techniques used in major account selling to give your business an edge for higher profits and greater success, then this course should be your first course to consider.

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