Mastering Pragmatic Marketing

Mastering Pragmatic Marketing

Mastering Pragmatic Marketing Training:

Pragmatic Marketing Training is the best way to deliver products to the customer if you plan to provide products that meet the customer’s expectations as requested precisely. This course follows a very sophisticated approach to give you insights related to essential precepts of pragmatic marketing as a guideline for you to make the right decisions. You will also learn to understand the product development process and how to adapt planning to experience, re-testing products as needed to get it right as a better product to match the needs of the market. You will also learn the systematic methodology in marketing management, holistic market and high ground perspective, providing practical approaches for businesses to apply promptly in their operations.


The objectives of the course are to enable participants to:

  • Examine their product to meet market and customer expectation
  • Adapt planning and retesting products to meet customers’ requirements
  • Make critical practical decisions for pragmatic marketing
  • Align decisions and marketing strategy to adhere to essential rules of pragmatic marketing
  • Comprehend product development process
  • Understand systematic methodology in marketing management
  • Adopt a swift practical approach to apply pragmatic marketing strategies 

Target Audience:

This course is intended for:

  • Sales managers
  • Sales staff
  • Sales policymakers
  • Brand managers
  • Branding executive staff
  • Branding team members
  • Internal and external sales representatives
  • Sales support team members
  • Business to consumer sales personnel
  • Marketing personnel and managers
  • Freelance marketing agents
  • Marketing campaign designers
  • Marketing campaigns implementers
  • Board of directors and top management personnel
  • Price strategists
  • Promotion designers
  • Online marketers
  • Social media and networking marketers
  • Brand community managers
  • Loyalty reward program managers
  • Loyalty reward program designers


Day 1 Introduction to pragmatic marketing

  • Introduction to pragmatic marketing
  • Comprehending customers’ desire
  • Understanding the existing gap and problems in the market
  • Knowing your product
  • Knowing the competition
  • The art of re-adapting market strategies
  • Augmenting product competencies
  • Categorizing solutions to address the existing gaps in the market
  • Concepts of pragmatic marketing approach

Day 2 Fit of product/service to customer requirements

  • Conducting market research on designs of product/services that fit or do not fit customer requirements
  • Examining product/services to make sure the product/service meets customers’ requirements
  • Importance of customer feedback in pragmatic marketing

Day 3 Implementing a pragmatic marketing approach

  • Integrating pragmatic marketing in the business plan
  • Implementing a pragmatic marketing approach for your product
  • Creating diversions
    • Managing leaks
    • Releasing related information through marketing channels prior to launch
  • Pragmatic marketing framework
    • Win and lose assessment
    • Conducting a market competition assessment
    • Examination of available assets
  • Identifying perfect launch timing for the product/service
  • Distribution strategies
  • Focused discussion session

Day 4 Data for Pragmatic Marketing Strategy

  • Critical role of market driven data
  • The Internet and pragmatic marketing
  • Social media marketing trends and pragmatic marketing
  • Managing eWOM to hear the voice of the customers
  • Interacting marketing content
  • Managing data collection through observations, surveys
  • Analytics to predict future trends in customer requirement and market change

Day 5 Developing Your Focus for Pragmatic Marketing

  • Focussed Development
    • Market Definition: Mapping the needs of target markets and market segments. 
    • Distribution Strategy: Which channels best align with your markets’ buying preferences?
    • Product Portfolio: Develop and maintain a coherent portfolio of products in the market including their business plan, positioning, buying process, pricing. market requirements and marketing plan)
    • Product Roadmap: Articulate what are your product competencies and deliverables, now and for the future?
  • Strategy matrix
  • Testing and re-testing process
  • Adopting and re-adopting pragmatic marketing strategies
  • Case study
  • Focused discussion


  • Pragmatic marketing
  • New policy adoption
  • Win and lose assessment
  • SWOT analysis
  • Productivity
  • Value creation
  • Competitive market management
  • Branding
  • Brand loyalty
  • Communication strategy
  • Sales and market goals
  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Competency creation
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Consumer behaviour analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Market Strategy Planning
  • Customer Care
  • Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Campaign Design
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social network marketing
  • Loyalty reward program management
  • Market Strategy Planning
  • Sales planning

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