Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

Feasibility Study Training Program:

This popular feasibility study training program is designed to provide participants with competencies required to: prepare, analyze and evaluate feasibility studies,
which can be used to rationally assess the likelihood of success of any business venture. This includes assessing the viability of a business idea, determining if a project has sufficient merit to continue, and examining the potency of a whole new business.

In this popular feasibility study training course, participants will develop a systematic approach to conducting feasibility analysis, build the feasibility study financial model, apply investment appraisal methods and analyze financial parameters in order to assess the technical, commercial, organizational and financial viability of a particular project or business venture.

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This Feasibility Study training course is also available online, please contact us to get the feasibility study online course outline.

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