Data Analytics, Continuous Auditing and Audit Automation

Data Analytics, Continuous Auditing and Audit Automation

This five-day training workshop provides professionals with everything they need to know about the effective incorporation of data analytics, or CAATs (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques), into their internal audit procedures. Attendees will explore how technology can be harnessed to achieve the desired audit results more efficiently and effectively and get an opportunity to brainstorm analytics across most leading business cycles. As the program advances from one topic to another, participants will assimilate key analytic approaches, such as duplicate identification, summarisations, and stratifications. Then, they will investigate more sophisticated methods, including statistical and regression analysis, Benford’s Law, and fuzzy matching. The course will allow participants to examine innovative topics, including spatial analysis, risk scoring, and visual analytics. The course illustrates the standard pseudo-code, which enables participants to grasp what they have learned easily and integrate it quickly into their set of choices irrespective of the method they use or intend to use in their organisation. In the final part of this course, participants will learn how to move forward from primary data analysis into a completely automated/repetitive mode and understand the essentials of continuous auditing. Attendees will discuss common drawbacks and understand how the most prosperous organisations around the world have managed to leverage the power of data analysis to accomplish sustainable and visible value.

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