KPIs: Keeping Score Using the Right Metrics

KPIs: Keeping Score Using the Right Metrics

KPI Training Course: Keeping Score Using the Right Metrics

This KPI Training Course is designed to teach participants how to articulate what their organizations are trying to achieve and then identify and embed a set of relevant and meaningful key performance indicators that really matter to their organizations.

Participants in KPI Training will learn how to use questions to steer the process of designing the right KPIs that are most important and relevant to stakeholders and customers.

Participants will be able to effectively manage the KPI measurement process and acquire advanced knowledge and tools to ensure the success of their KPI implementation projects.

The KPI Training Course will also explore how to link KPIs to strategy and how to avoid common pitfalls of measuring performance in addition to other important topics including the roles and use of balanced scorecards, strategy maps and performance dashboards.

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