HR Business Partner Development – Masterclass

HR Business Partner Development – Masterclass

HR business partners, along with other leaders, play a paramount role to influence organizational strategy and steer its implementation. Both strategy planning and implementation are people-centred, and as HR is the main recruiter and controller of workforce, clearly HR adds value to bottom line results. In this course, HR professionals will learn how to become a strategic business partner to create value for the organization, its employees, and its customers.

The course addresses what makes HR a strategic business partner:

1) HR professionals need to grasp the trade-centred concepts as well as the senior management team, as a holistic system comprising operations, marketing, customer relationship etc.,

2) Be an expert in the HR field. Being an expert goes beyond technical and procedural knowledge. It means being able to give insights, recommendations, and proposition based on a critical and meaningful analysis of evidence,

3) HR professionals must learn to present HR initiatives as a business case with emphasis on the expected commercial benefit or business value for the company.
Always use evidence to support your case.

4) HR business partners need to present HR performance using the same or similar measures used to measure business goals.
For instance, what was the change in the efficiency of the employees who participated in the training, and how did this impact the bottom line?

5) As business partners, HR professionals must learn to communicate ideas clearly- with information, knowledge, conviction and simplicity.


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